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Clerk: Fiona Palmer
The Village Hall, Main Street
Swannington, Leics LE67 8QL



As a continuation of the work we started last week, we are currently identifying key community groups and starting to contact them to talk about forming community hubs of support across our district. In the coming days/weeks we hope these hubs can become a key part of our communities, offering a variety of support to the vulnerable and isolated.

You'll be aware following the PM's announcement yesterday, that 1.5m people in the most critical 'at risk' group will also receive letters this week. As a result of this, there is an instruction to create a similar support network for the delivery of food and medicines in our communities, which is being led on by the county council. We're in close contact with the county and need to see how this fits together with our plans. We'll keep you updated.

These are a couple of the social media messages we're posting later tonight that are around these decisions – if you want to look out for them

Posted: Wed, 25 Mar 2020 16:44 by Fiona Palmer

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