Cyber Crime Prevention

Neighbourhood Link is free for residents and businesses to sign up to, whereby local Beat Teams put out information, crime prevention etc and they also send out Cyber, Fraud and Scam information – to sign up, please visit and select "Register". They ask that you ensure you populate the email field as presently that is the channel we use, unless it's a significant incident or emergency, when mobile/landline is used. This is for members of the public, and businesses/organisations/schools etc.

NCA Webcam Blackmail/sextortion clip:

CIFAS Data to Go (Coffee Shop):

Sussex Police – Operation Signature – Spot the Warning Signs of Fraud and Scams short video:

For those who use twitter, you are most welcome to follow the polices twitter feed @LeicsCyberAware, information is put out daily on Cyber, Fraud & Scams.

Posted: Tue, 22 May 2018 11:50 by Helen

Tags: Cyber Crime Prevention, Crime Prevention and Reduction