Swannington Parish Council

Serving the people of Swannington

Clerk: Fiona Palmer
The Village Hall, Main Street
Swannington, Leics LE67 8QL

Assistance for Swannington Residents during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Important Information

“Lets all check on our neighbours”

The Parish Council has discussed what can be done and what is available in the locality and has some information to share though this leaflet.

Please look at the Parish Council's website for general information from NHS and government.


The Volunteer Centre in Coalville – Marlene Reid Centre currently is offering limited assistance in terms of shopping and other vital supplies to the elderly and vulnerable. They are desperately looking for additional volunteers to fill the gaps from there existing volunteers' need to self isolate and the increase in demand.

Marlene Reid Centre – 01530 510515 https://www.mrc.uk.net/the-marlene-reid-centre/

Please register:

  • Your name and contact details with the Marlene Reid Centre if you could help any one in need.
  • Your name and contact details if you need or may need help.

The help to those in need will only be able to be provided if people register to help!

They also have a food bank scheme, which they are trying to improve because of the virus. Please contact them direct to find out details.

It would be good if you could register these with the Parish Council too, and we will try and help where we can.


We all know that these are difficult times that are going to get worse. We've been contacted by a few people with relatives in the village who are living on their own, asking about any community support. My impression is that we are already keeping an eye out for those who live around us: Swannington's sense of community is up and running. (For once I know what I am talking about, as I have already been delighted, embarrassed even, by the heart-warmingly large number of you who have already done something for me and have offered more.) In this spirit, if you, or someone you know of, needs some shopping, or hasn't had any human contact for a day or two, never mind a week or two, and could do with a chat over the phone or in the garden (theirs or in mine); or I could tell a story to your stir-crazy kids there (or even through the kitchen window if it's raining), do get in touch. There are many in the village offering these simple things to relieve our monotony.


Mr Abu Miah has asked me to tell anyone stuck at home, or ill, or unable to get out for any reason, or perhaps you are an NHS worker coming home after a long shift and who would like a curry (whether chicken, lamb or vegetarian) just to give them a ring, and they will deliver one to you, completely free of charge.

Do take Abu up on this offer. I know that it would give him great pleasure to be able to help out in this way in these strange times. (Just one proviso: he's got to limit his offer to those of us who actually live in Swannington; we can't really expect him to feed half of North West Leicestershire!)

So, do give CHILLI N SPICE a ring on 01530 832211